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Welcome back dear readers to yet another action packed issue of your beloved newspaper.The diwali holidays came and went so fast that they seem now like a distant dream.It’s back to school again and the homework never seems to end.Especially for those among us who never even manage to begin.One bit of good news however  is that practices for Sports Day help us to bunk  several periods.This keeps us from dying of overwork.In honour of the Annual Sports day scheduled for the 18th of December this issue of the RMS times brings you all the action from the WORLD OF SPORT.


Why are Wayne Rooney,Cristiano Ronaldo and the others in this picture looking so happy? It is because they will be having a new player in their team soon.If rumours are to be believed then our very own Philster Pereira from class 9A will be going off to England sometime next year as part of team  of Manchester United hopefuls.However there is another rumour that Sir Alex Ferguson has said that Philster will only be allowed to come there if he completes all the homework and classwork he missed while playing in various football tournaments during school hours.In any case Philster is ready to give his autograph to anyone interested just in case the dream comes true.We wish him all the best.

Some time back marching practice for Sports day had to be  temporarily halted for a few days because the  school had to buy a new drum.The old drum which for the last 30 years or  so had led many generations of RMS students to march around the field to its beat was found one morning in a condition unfit for producing loud sounds anymore.Someone had made a big hole in it.Who could have committed such a dreadful thing ?
The circumstantial evidence shows that the crime was probably committed by a person who did not like marching and preferred riding a bicycle. [ There were bicycle tracks near the crime scene]
A mysterious message saying “ I cannot break the speed of light ,but I can break anything else” was found inside the drum.
The mysterious initials AB were found scratched near the broken drum.
The local police department is completely baffled by the crime.They can’t figure out why Amitabh Bachan or Abhishek Bachan should have made a hole in the RMS drum.
If you are able to solve the mystery kindly do so.You will win a fabulous prize.


In a case of double coincidence both captain and vice captain of O Farrell house have managed to make themselves  disappear mysteriously from the class ten dance drill.Inspector Barker – who is still trying to solve the mystery of the broken drum – has given up trying to figure out how both of them vanish every time the drill practice is on.

The RMS under 14  cricket team ably led by coach Br Ankur scored two outstanding victories and one outstanding defeat.Our  star batsman was  Kiran Oli (he batted like Dhoni and Sehwag put together).Our star bowler was Jayesh (he bowled like Warne and Murli and Kumble put together).The team lost in the semifinals to Anjuman high school because [a] the other team was better[b] we gave the other team a chance to win for a change [c] the umpire purposely gave wrong decisions to make us lose.[d] none of the above [e] all of the above .[Choose any option].

The RMS under 16 and under 17  basketball teams went for the first time to an interschool competition held at Fr Agnel’s school.They played very well in the first round and won their games easily [ mainly because both the other teams did not show up].In the second round – the other teams did show up and so things do not go that well.But it was a good experience and they hope to better next year.

Stefan ,Anuj,Chetan and Rahil won the Gold medal at the Taluka level sports recently – a truly amazing feat.An equally amazing (but slightly lesser known )thing about Stephen and Co is that inspite of being the fastest runners in the whole of Mormugao ,they are still the last ones into class every day after the break.Another one for Barker to figure out.We are keeping him busy..!


We had a magical show in school a couple of weeks ago.Fr Ivan Madtha from Mangalore entertained the school with a marvelous display of magic tricks that were also used to teach values.The show was made more special by the fact that Fr Ivan had only one hand .He  lost the other in a train accident some time back.The most magical thing he demonstrated was the triumph of his spirit over extreme adversity.

Our own musical magician Lee Luis also dazzled the audience that day by a mind blowing demonstration of magical  piano skill.He played Mozart’s Turkish march on two pianos simultaneously – smiling continuously at the same time.Two pianos and a smile  however aren’t  the only thing he can manage simultaneously.A few days later during marching  while leading Green House around the track he said “Eyes Right” and simultaneously stopped marching.The rest of Green House faithfully followed their captain and also stopped.The other houses marching behind had to slow down to avoid crashing into Green House and there was general bedlam,hilarity and  chaos.Injury was avoided because all were marching below the speed limit.Lee has since been instructed to keep marching while saying “Eyes Right”He has figured that out but now occasionally has problems figuring out when to stop.At least on one other occasion since he has kept on marching ( along with his long suffering house)long after the others had stopped.He marched across the tracks,turned onto the road and seemed to heading off towards Zuari with Mulligan house in tow before he finally ran out of drum beats.


Talking about smiling –  on one of the nights in the first week of  December those who looked up into the sky at around 8pm at night saw the moon and two planets ( Jupiter and Venus) making this  smiley in the sky.It was a pretty neat thing to see.The picture is for those of you who missed seeing the live interstellar drill display..

RMS took part in a skit competition which was part of a week long  Portuguese  festival called “Semana de Cultura”.The RMS team was represented by Zahir,Waulden,Marc,Rushil,Siddarth,Lee,Anson,Ashrin and Ninio.We took first place.What made this quite a special feat was that the opposition  was mainly from college level participants – MES,St Xavier’s Mapsa etc.As we say in Portuguese “A uniao faz a forca” .Kindly contact any of those mentioned above for a translation.


The RMS quiz team of Jim,Jack and Sparrow took part in the Inter School Navy Quiz a few days ago.They are seen here standing next to the plane that they used to escape from Treasure Island.They are using it now to go from place to place to spend all the treasure that they got as their share.They did not manage to qualify for the final round but fought bravely to the bitter end .This involved getting eliminated along with students from about 30 other schools.They got a red cap each and a certificate for their efforts.
When asked if they still felt bad about losing they said very sadly “We remember it as if it were- yesterday.!”


RMS scientists and most brainy twosome from class ten Niranjan and Dominic took part in the Inter School  Science Quiz.They  progressed to the second round.They did not progress to the third round because they did not know among other things that Flourine was the most electronegative element.However they got a fabulous prize of a free lunch and two cold drinks for their efforts.They are seen here sitting in the Science Centre canteen waiting for their prize to be served.


The scouts went for their annual monsoon hike even though it was not raining.For the first time in the history of RMS they were accompanied by guides.[Photgraphic evidence attached].They clambered over several rocks and boulders around the school,ploughed their way through many innocent bushes,walked down and around an old lighthouse,walked up again and then after going around in circles a few more times finally returned to where they started – tired,exhausted and triumphant.

Some happy  Scouts

Guides with Ms Lira

Scout  Sirs Kambli and Manoj


The scouts of class 9 went on a  rafting expedition to the  Vaddem lake.
Praveen of class 9A is seen here balancing his weight as his frail raft bounces over the raging torrent below him.Mr T Pereira [a concerned citizen ] said that he was happy that the scouts came to the lake and invited them to come again next year provided that they did not shout and frighten the fish.

A Christmas Carol singing program is scheduled for the 17th of December.Several famous RMS musicians will be singing several famous Christmas carols.All so that we can get into the Christmas mood .So we bring this issue to a close by wishing all our readers a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.
[Reporters: Siddarth,Niranjan,Deepak,Prathamesh ]

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