The farewell party for SSC 2009 was held on Saturday 7th March. This year for a change the outgoing class tens were given the farewell by the incoming class tens [ ie class 9].

The program consisted of a solemn prayer service followed by a mildly entertaining entertainment program and then some games.It was a very nice farewell ceremony and now hopefully all our SSC students are studying very hard for their boards which are due to start on the 4th of April.We wish them all the best.


“Here ends a chapter of our lives
Here begins another
One without you my friends
My teachers and my brothers.

We’ll all go our separate ways
Never meet again
With merry smiles and jolly songs
To cover up the pain.

But I have known you half your life
I’ll look into your eyes
And see your dreams of freer days
Are not but pretty lies.

For every ordeal,there’s a choice,
To run away or try,
To follow with a blinded faith
Or risk the question why.

There’s nothing left to say to you
Nothing to rectify,
For now we must part and break the heart
And learn to say goodbye.”

Siddarth Machado ( 10 A)

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