RMS Times March 2010

We come at last to the last issue of the long awaited RMS Times for the academic year 2009 – 2010.And as we bid farewell to the year that was we also bid farewell to Ms Sylvia,Sir Parab,Br Martin,Br William and the batch of SSC 2010.The sadness that came with having to say goodbye to so many familiar faces has caused the RMS Times reporters to stop smiling completely and they are all walking about the school looking very gloomy.If you see them please tell them a joke to cheer them up.In the meantime we begin with what Sir Parab and Ms Sylvia told them.



How many years have you worked in school?
Sir: 24 years

How do you feel about RMS ?

Sir: RMS is like a family to me,always loving and caring.

Why are you leaving RMS?

Sir: To pave the way for youngsters.

What will you miss the most?

Sir: The brothers,the staff and especially the students .

What advice do you have for us?

Sir: Study hard and good wishes to the outgoing 10th standard and to all other classes.

Last words?

Sir: I will always be there for RMS.



I worked in the school for almost 26 years ,5 of which were as a primary teacher.When the post of librarian fell vacant I applied for it.

The post suited me as I am fond of reading,When I was small my father bought me lots of books to read.I am lucky to have worked in a school which has such a large library.It is really two jobs that I do,one as librarian and the other as the LDC.A few years ago I was lucky also to have a computer to use in the library itself.The school has given me opportunities to work on some other things that I really like.

It has given me satisfaction when I see some students reading as much as they can in the library.The interest in reading is not there in some and especially noticeable in the students who do not do well in studies.I wish there were more parents and teachers who would encourage children to read more.

Words fail to adequately express the feelings of the heart as we say goodbye to two more of our long serving teachers.We thank both Sir Parab and Ms Sylvia for everything and wish them a happy and peaceful retirement.



Over the last few years the venue for annual scout camp has traditionally rotated between the Velsao church grounds,the Verna Temple hill grounds and the RMS school grounds.We said farewell to that tradition this year and so the scout camp was held at a new venue,namely the Verna Church grounds.The most memorable part of the camp was the final hike during which Avish Pednekar of class 9 B demonstrated to all the scouts and guides what is the best thing not to do when you meet a snake on a hike.The things not to do are [a] Pick it up [b] Play with it till you get bitten [c] Cause panic and dismay to everyone.[d] Get rushed to hospital in an ambulance and stay there for 48 hours till the snake venom is rendered harmless.

Due to this excellent demonstration from Avish all the scouts and guides have hopefully learned what not to do if they meet a snake in the future.


THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT: Mulligan House, showing a remarkable degree of persistence, succeeded in becoming the winning house for the fourth consecutive year in succession.The captain of the house, Abhishek Shet, when asked to reveal the secret of their remarkable success modestly said that it was mainly because all the teachers of RMS were extremely concerned about the environment and so gave a lot of points to Green House.


There are several new things in school.We’ll start with the oldest new thing.The oldest new thing in school are fibre glass boards on the basketball court.This happened so long ago that it can hardly be classified as a new thing.Some other old new things are aluminium windows in the upstairs classrooms and a new sliding gate on the room on the stage where the sound system is kept.There is also a newish white LCD projector and portable screen but they too are much too old to be really called new.However there is one thing that is a brand new thing and that dear readers is a big bright yellow brand new school bus.


Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you – it is the official RMS School Bus.Bounders who come late to school everyday because they always miss the bus now no longer have any excuse.



Those who were looking for a bit of divine assistance to get through the final exams were delighted to find that the school chapel which had remained closed since June last year was suddenly open at last.Yes, the school chapel has been reopened after being renovated and it is looking really really really nice.The very beautiful and prayerful design will surely encourage visitors to drop in even when no exams are going on


Every two years we have a visit from Mr Martin McCaughan and a group of students from a CB school in faraway Belfast.The visit reminds us of our Irish roots.This year students Sean,Dean ,Mathew,Mark and Michael along with their teachers Ms Bernie and Mr Chris spent about 2 weeks in RMS .They had a really good time and made a lot of friends in school- most of whom are now going around speaking Konkani with an irish accent…!



The cast of the school opera Scrooge had one final celebration to celebrate the success of their opera.They went off to Inox in Panjim on a school day and saw a movie called “Percy Jackson and the lightning thief” when everyone else was in class.After making everyone in school jealous and enjoying the movie and eating vast quantities of popcorn they all came back to RMS and lived happily ever after.And that was the end of Scrooge.



After having spent the last five years in Regina Mundi,Br William will be going to Delhi for a period of two years to pursue further studies.Thank you brother for your tireless efforts to make RMS a better place and for all the improvements you have made in school.Thank you for your wonderful history lessons.We wish you all the best for your time away and hope that you will return sooner if possible.

FAREWELL BR MARTIN: Br Martin too will be leaving RMS at the end of the academic year to go to Shillong for further studies.For the first time in the history of RMS we had a young brother in school who is a black belt in karate.This is the main reason why the RMS reporters did not take his interview- they were afraid of getting a karate chop or two for their bad spellings ….!


The farewell party for SSC 2010 took place in the school hall .After the traditional prayer service there was some traditional singing and dancing.This was followed by a very entertaining non traditional fashion parade.Every class ten boy had to walk the ramp and show off his farewell outfit. Dattaraj was awarded the prize for the best dressed young person of the day.No one’s camera got stolen this year.This was mainly due to the fact that no one was allowed to bring a camera.Philster and Shawn’s cameras were confiscated before they could get stolen.After some more games and eating and drinking the farewell came to an end . After that some went home to study and others went to other places and continued the farewell party.Here now are a collection of some awards that could not be given to the class tens earlier due to lack of time.


Best Sportsman : Keith

Best Student: Waulden

Best Singer : Linus

Best Dancer : Bhaskar (only when all items of clothing are secure)

Best Dance : Vande mataram

Best Song : No need to say goodbye.

Best Actor: Ninio

Fastest to the canteen: Tyren’s record still stands.

Best Musician:Keith and Shannon

Tallest: Not confirmed as most people are still growing

Smallest: Nagraj or Losture.

Widest: Linus.

Narrowest : Stig

Best smile : The judges decided to award this to Manuel but some said Anson’s is better

Best Bounder: There are about 65 names in this category so we’ll tell you later.

Most widely travelled TT Champion :Rushil

Best Football player: Give Sir Alex Ferguson a missed call and he will call back and tell you..

Best Goalie: Not Govind.Definitely not Govind.

Best Period: Maths ( just kidding , PT of course)

Best place in school: Library Canteen

Best Newspaper :RMS Times (Naturally)

And that dear reader brings us almost to the end. There is still one last farewell left before we can say goodbye.You must have surely noticed that the photographs in this issue of the RMS Times were less ghastly and out of focus than usual.This is because they were not taken by RMS official photographers Anson and Stig.They are a bit busy these days and so could not take any photographs.


So the last farewell is farewell to Anson and Stig. Thanks for all the ghastly photographs.May you and all the others in SSC 2010 fare well.

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