SSC Scholarships 2011

prizeThe students in the photograph were the scholarship winners for 2011.The ceremony took place at assembly on the 17th of June.Mrs Zita Paes was the guest of honour. Shardool got the awards for highest percentage in English,Maths,History,Science and Geography.The Science and Geography prizes were also shared by Celeste and Adrian.Ashwini got two scholarships for top scoring in Konkani.Shanice got the scholarship for the highest marks in Hindi and Celeste got the prize for highest in French.Vishal,Avnish and Prakash got scholarships for hard work.That covers the academic bit.

In the non academic section Shweta got the scholarship for excellence in Cultural Activities,Celeste for excellence in Music and Singing,Abhinav for sports and games and Shardool and Adrian for excellence in quizzing.Prakash was selected the Best Scout and Huma was selected the Best Guide.Ashwin De Melo was the first winner of the Mrs Maria Silva prize for the Best Science Project.

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